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Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated September 2013)

Tip one: a good free program that typically plays our videos (RM, WMV and MP4) is the free free VLC player (free download!) and if you're having problems viewing the site try another browser, we recommend Firefox. If all else fails you can always email us. The mp4 files are newer updates that only appear as full files, but they are super MAC friendly.


Q. I'm having problems playing your videos?

A. A good free program that typically plays our videos (RM and WMV and Mp4) is the free free VLC player (free download!) We recommend downloading the movie clips to your hard drive before attempting to play. Just left-clicking the links and playing whilst downloading can cause problems. For more info on videos, see the video section, below.

Q: I am having difficulty accessing your site(s) and/or downloading videos?

A. The first thing I suggest to members with this difficulty is to try another browser. Firefox generally works very well or you can also try Internet Explorer. Older browsers or software that came with your internet connection may be making the errors. If everything is working ok but there is one page or one video that you cannot access it may be a glitch on the website so please tell me which link you clicked and what page it was at the contact page.


Q. What format are your videos in?

A. As noted above, WMV is the main file format, older files are RM (real media) and also newer updates will also include mp4 file format on full clips only (which are MAC friendly). All clips from the past few years are all shot in High Definition (HD).

Q. How many videos are on your site(s)?

A. Spanked Sweeties - 2000+ movies
Girl Spanks Girl - 2000+ movies
Spanked Callgirls - 550+ callgirl movies PLUS 700+ "Kara Prepare Yourself" movies
Clare Spanks Men - 400+ videos
My Spanking Roommate - 1,000+ video clips
Spanking Sorority Girls � 300+ movies
Spanking Veronica Works � 160+ and growing fast

Q: How do I save clips?

A. Each scene is comprised of a series of two minute clips, then at the end of the series full length clips are provided. To save put the cursor on the file you want to save and right click "SAVE TARGET AS" - and save it in a folder that you have created to keep your video clips in.

Q: How can I play multiple clips as one long movie?

A. To play multiple clips as one long movie open your media player then highlight all the files you want to view and drag them over to the open media player. The files will all play continuously as long as they are the same format.

Q. How do I play RM videos?

A. Many of our older videos are in RM format. If you are having problems with Real Player, a good free program that plays ALL of our videos (RM and WMV) is the free free VLC player (free download!)

Membership / Cancelling

Q. How easy is it to cancel my membership to your site(s)?

A. Head over to my cancel page for all the info you need, it's very easy!

Q. What will I have on my credit card statement?

A. "CF Worldwide Inc.".


Q. How often do you update?

A. Spanked Sweeties - Twice a week, at least 6 new clips of content per week, and we offer two new girls per month as well as our current talent pool. We update on Mondays and Thursdays.
Girl Spanks Girl - Every day so 7 new clips per week with some photos.. that's SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!
Spanked Callgirls - Twice a week four new clips per week
My Spanking Roommate - Three times a week, at least 6 clips per week and photos
Spanking Sorority Girls � 3 times per week, 6 clips
Spanking Veronica Works � 3 times per week, 6 clips
Clare Spanks Men � 3 times per month � all full scenes

Q. Do you have the same content on each of your sites?

A. We do not have any duplication or repetition of content whatsoever. You will not find any clips that are on one of my sites on other of my sites. Each site is a complete and fully updated site of its own.

Q. Am I going to see the same models I see everywhere else?

A. We offer the largest selection of models you will find on any spanking site � rapidly approaching 300 different models � which can be seen here. Many are true spankos, some are fresh faces just exploring our world.

Q. What about men spanking women?

A. We offer plenty of that on our site as well as some on and

Q. Are your sites spanking-only?

A. The theme across all my sites is definitely spanking but some girls do mention other punishments, such as rectal thermometers, which we dramatize in Spanked Sweeties. In the Kara Prepare Yourself archive in we explore the rectal thermometers, mouth-soaping and kinky stuff far more in some very kinky all-girl scenarios. Some girls cry when they are spanked and a wide variety of implements are used. And there are some girl/girl sexual scenes on Girl Spanks Girl, Spanking Veronica Works, Spanked Call Girls and even some on Spanking Sorority Girls.

Q: What are the levels of your spankings?

A. The level ranges based on the models. We aim to offer at the very least moderate spankings but typically our spankings are hard and many times severe. Many include implements and bottoms being marked.

Q. Why should I choose your sites over any other sites out there?

A. The greatest selection of girls, the greatest variety of sites. We are into the scene big time and put lots of love and energy into all that we shoot. We love it and believe that most of you will, too.

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